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January 24, 2013


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About Mad Father's TRUE Ending *SPOILER ALERT*

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 24, 2013, 4:57 AM

The true ending is actually pretty depressing, Whether you like it or not, It'll happen.

I don't like it either but..

Don't listen to the conspiracy theories. People think that the Aya in the vat at the end is the real Aya or that Aya is a good person running the clinic.

The Aya's were not switched. In the true ending, Ogre (the red eyed stranger, just like the book on Aya's shelf) brought Alfred (the father) back from the dead and into another dimension. that's why his hair and hands are purple. Ogre said "Maybe one day you can show this girl your homeland". That means that the Aya in the glass (who is quite curvaceous for an 11 y/o) has never been in the real world, meaning she was never the real Aya, and is a recreation made my Alfred to fulfill his desires.

And as for the theories about Aya actually being a good person at the end... oh I wish I was that naive... It may look that way, because Aya is helping Jean at the end and Maria said she is just like her father, so some people think that it means she got the part of her father that saved maria off the streets.

However, If you pay attention, Jean says that she was helped here by an old lady with a carriage. she hears hooves in the back of the house. then when it pans over to Maria, you can clearly see she has aged (to the point of being called an old lady...). you can also see a door behind her, (from the back, where the hooves were), the red anatomy book her father had, a small collection of dolls... and, to seal the deal, a ladder to a basement to Maria's right.

Maria tells people that there is a nearby clinic that gives free treatments, takes them there, and then Aya gets to turn them into dolls.

This ending hurts so bad, just like the true ending of Witches House...

Oh God Spoilers ;w;

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i had a feeling that the bonus 21 gem part was like this:
when the ogre said: "I hope someday you can show that girl your homeland" t hought that aya's father waiting for aya to death and then live with him in another dimension, that's why his hair and hand are purple, because ogre revive him and then helped him to make another clone of aya in another dimension. he waiting for aya's soul to transport to another aya's clone body and then live with him. it's just my thought :)
mochichama Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Man i thought that was the bad ending.
I even search for an explanation. Sigh,
I will pretend shes helping people by making them into ... living dead. Good game btw.
oxZeldafanxo Feb 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I got the ending first time I saw it. And it's a great ending! Aya becoming like her dad is a neat idea to me. ^^
MiraKHall Feb 7, 2014   General Artist
I actually kind of liked the ending.  It was rather appropriately creepy, not as downright depressing as the true ending to the Witch's House (SOMEONE has some issues to work out :roll:).  But the added details about Maria being the old lady Jean was talking about -- and the horse whinny in the background -- it confirmed my suspicions that, in the long run, that book Aya ran across, was the anatomy book she didn't want to look through in the first place.  Something must've clicked in her when curiosity enticed her to look inside, and now she's Father -- one, two, THREE! :XD:

But why were some folks confused about the clone Aya being the real Aya?  Wasn't it obvious that it was a replica?
is it wrong that my favorite ending was the one when aya's dad turns her into a doll he's just so cool when he does it yelling in Japanese when he's looking for her and I liked aya's doll dress
(This is just my opinion, so don't go too hard on me, please.)
I'm not pissed off about bad ending. It's a horror game, they always have bad ending and, as i like to call them, "sort of bad endings". I'm more pissed off about the logic of MAKING this "sort of bad ending".
Motivation is the thing that pushes people forward with their decisions. Motivation are born/made by what events happens to people and how they affect on them.
In "My diary" (We are not sure was Aya saying it was hers, or was the book called that way) we sort of saw what was Aya's dad's motivation and how it was born: He got addicted to killing people because he SAW and THOUGHT that they looked pretty when they were dead. (Psychology. Wont bother you with explanations). He wanted to make dolls out of them so he could always enjoy their eternal beauty.
Aya SAW dead people, and was always horrified to see them, which mean that she CAN'T THINK that dead people are pretty. And that means she can't possibly be like her father.
I seriously have a feeling that the makers of this game wanted to hint that Aya might follow her father's footsteps, but they couldn't find any good hints, so they just gave her that simple horrifying red book of anatomy.
If you ask me, that is not enough to activate the same motivation as her father had. I just can't buy it that she suddenly THINKS that doll people are pretty because she read couple of pages of that book. Yes, it might be horrible, but that's the point! Aya KNEW it was horrible. Children are not dumb. At that age if they THINK something is bad or good, it stays like that. It would take a lot more convincing to change child mind on something.

(This is just my opinion, hope you will understand.)
i dont think Aya really end up like her father 
(yea i didnt want to believe it such a depressing ending)
In MadFather.Wikia in Good Ending When Maria says: 
it does run in family she is just like you Doctor..... 
there is a hint that Aya really end up like Alfred  
 when i read about Jean the girl in good ending 
She visits the Drevis Clinic to get cured and becomes one of Aya's victims. It is implied that she was killed by Aya, but confirmed false due to Aya's intentions not to be so much her father, and on the side part of her is her mother.
I read that too I also read it the comments on markipiler's video of the ending of mad father. The person that mentioned it said that sen had mentioned he left it out to cause debate (he actually says sen says he almost left it out but I find no proof of it being in the game itself). I don't now if it is true or not but I choose to believe it if anyone finds what the source of this post a link please. The last thing I'll mention is everyone keeps saying the book she picked up was her fathers notes. WRONG we don't see what that looked like it was in the library on a shelf. The red book is The New Text On Anatomy not his notes how it got outside I don't know but it is definitely that same book as it's the only book we actually see that is like that. So it is very possible that she didn't turn out like dear old dad I will admit that maria is the old lady that helped jean get to the clinic but maybe it is so they actually have people to help they are out in the middle of nowhere not easy to find a clinic out there.

I also won't deny that she may have started out following his path but more that one thing that happened in the game may have thrown her off that path or perhaps something happened after that we didn't see that led her to be a good doctor instead of a bad one. This is all just my view take it how you want each of us has different views on things and a open ended ending like that one could be taken either way one person may see it as aya continuing her fathers work another may see it as her becoming the doctor he couldn't and making normal dolls (the kind that aren't dead people).
Whywhywhywhywhywhy,whywhywhywwhywhy,whyyy? Dis could have been such a gud ending mang. We had all the elements, an engrossing plot, characters that are each to be attached to, and one cute as puppies little girl. But nooo, The developers just decided 'You know, I could make a happy ending out of this, I could....But on the other hand, I could also be a sick sadistic bastard and take everything the people who played my game know about it's characters, and grind it into guano. But I'll have to do this right, leave subtle hints suggesting that this ending makes sense, that way people can't be all like "OMG u lid to uz!", and I can be like "it wz in ur face all da tim!". Yeah, I'll go with the latter, cause why the hell not, good endings make people happy, and we wouldn't want that, WOULD WE?! WOOOULD WE??!?!?'.
So that means...Aya technically didn't keep her promise to Dio....AW MAN IT'S LIKE WITCH'S HOUSE ALL OVER AGAIN
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